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FEBRUARY 29, 2024

Last night’s show took a “Leap” back to past P.E. Shows at Northland Christian School, highlighting our students’ skills, teamwork, and lifelong physical fitness interests. Physical Education is important for the whole child’s development, “Mind, Body, and Spirit”. Thanks to all the students, parents, coaches, and faculty who helped take us all on “A Leap Through Time” for this historic 40th annual NCS P.E. Show on Leap Day!

P.E. shows have followed themes long before our current P.E. teaching staff and we still followed today. P.E. shows have a myriad of themes, like: Olympiad, Super Stars, Cougarcise, The Greatest Show on Earth, Survivor, The Wild West Show, Out of this World, The Main Event, and Martians vs Abtonians to name a few. P.E. shows give us an entertaining format to show our students’ accomplishments. P.E. shows like this one, take more than just students and coaches. It takes a great PTO, a talented teaching staff, a supportive administration and you, our fantastic parents. From top to bottom, we thank you all for the amazing support and belief that physical education is a must for the development the whole student.

Thank you from: Coach Patti Abt and Coach Jeff Martin


P.E. Show Pictures


A Little Piece of Northland Christian School History:

40 years ago, Coach Tina Stivers wrote a letter to her parents telling her them about a new activity they were doing with the students. They were going to put on the first ever NCS P.E. Show. She was writing to tell her parents about this exciting opportunity and the stress that comes with doing something involving 300 students and 600 parents. Little did she know that she was laying the ground work, for all the coaches who followed her; a tradition that has lasted 40 years into the future. She, along with Carolyn Lemm, gave us a wonderful vehicle for showcasing Northland Christian students’ skills and activities in P.E. while having fun doing it.

Thank You Tina & Carolynn for an amazing tradition!