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Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fee Schedule
Enrollment Fees Grade 2023-24 Tuition
(one payment)*
Application/Testing Fee: $225 Per new student; due with application; non-refundable
New Student Enrollment Fee: $520 Per new student; due upon acceptance; non-refundable
PK3 & PK4 $10,900
K-2nd $12,500
3rd-5th $13,500
6th $15,500
7th $16,500
8th $17,500
9-12th $18,900
*$500 Tuition Insurance fee required for all payment plans.
**3% discount applied for payment in full. ($500 Tuition
Insurance fee is optional.)

2022 Important Dates
January 17 – January 31 Enrollment begins for returning students, $475 Early Registration Fee due to guarantee a space for returning students
Feb 1 Enrollment opens for new students; space not guaranteed for returning students
February 16 Re-enrollment fee increases to $875
March 8 Deadline to pay tuition in full, complete account setup with FACTS for monthly payments, or secure a tuition loan through
May 1, 5, 15, 20 FACTS tuition drafts begin

Extended Care
Northland offers several extended care plans for elementary school students. Annual five-day plans are listed below.
Plan 1 6:45 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. $700
Plan 2 3:30 p.m. – 6:15 p.m. $1,700
Plan 3 6:45 a.m. – 6:15 p.m. $2,400
Drop-In Daily Rate $35/morning; $35/afternoon until 4:30 p.m. or $45 until 6:15 p.m.
Northland offers after school care for Secondary students from 3:20 p.m. – 6:15 p.m. each school day, for an annual fee of $1,600 or on a drop-in basis for $35 per day.


Tuition Insurance A $500 fee will be assesed to any families  not paying tuition in full and to any full paying families who  opt to enroll. This fee covers withdrawal or dismissals that  occur during the school year that the policy covers. (2-week  attendance required during the 2023-2024 school year to  qualify.)

Sibling Tuition Discount – The oldest student in the family will  pay full tuition. Siblings discounts are as follows: 10% second  child, 20% third child, and 30% fourth child. This discount may  not be combined with any other discounts.

Alumni Discount – Students who are children of Northland  graduates will receive a 10% alumni discount on tuition. One  discount per family. This discount may not be combined with  any other discounts.

Minister’s Discount – Qualifying full-time employees of a local  Christian church may be eligible to receive a 30% ministerial  discount. One discount per family. This discount cannot be  combined with any other discounts.

Military & First Responders Discount – Parent/Guardian can  submit a DD214 or active duty paperwork along with a copy of  their government issued ID to receive this 25% discount. One  discount per family. This discount cannot be combined with  any other discounts.

NCS Preschool to Elementary Transition Discount – Students  enrolled in the NCS PK4s program will be granted a one-time  5% discount to be applied towards Kindergarten or LEAP  tuition. Discounts cannot be stacked. Families receiving a  staff or minister’s discount are not eligible for the Transition  Discount. 

Tuition Payments – Balances not paid in full by March 8, 2023  must be paid through FACTS Management or via a funded  loan through FACTS charges an  annual fee of $55. FACTS will draft via bank account or credit  card. All payments of tuition or fees made with a credit card or  debit card will incur a transaction fee (fees vary by card type).

Locked Tuition Rate Prepayment – Students entering grades  9-11 may opt for a “tuition lock” by prepaying tuition for the  next 2 to 4 years at the 2023 tuition rate. The 2023-2024  tuition payment will be due in full by March 8, 2023. Any  remaining balance of future year(s) prepaid tuition owed will  be due by August 1, 2023.

Tuition Assistance – The online application is separate from  the enrollment process. Please go to the Northland website  Admissions tab, then select Tuition Assistance. Scroll to the  bottom of the page and select “Apply Now”. The deadline for application and priority consideration is February 28, 2023.

Tuition Financing Options

  1. One payment in full by March 8, 2023. 3% discount   applied for payment in full.
  2. Twelve monthly payments beginning May 2023,   final tuition payments for all monthly plans must be   completed by April 20, 2024. $500 tuition insurance for   all payment plans required.
  3. Extended financing terms up to 84 months with   an education loan through Your Tuition Solution. For   additional information or to apply, visit their website at This company provides   loans at a low fixed rate. There are no pre-payment   penalties or application fees.

Tuition Obligation for Withdrawals Policy – If an enrolled  student withdraws prior to the start of school, the family is  obligated to pay tuition for the 2023-2024 school year based  on the month that the Admissions Office receives written  notification. Tuition obligation is as follows:

3/1-3/31 $1,000

4/1-4/30 $2,000

5/1-5/31 $3,000

6/1-6/30 Half of tuition is due

7/1-Start of School Full tuition due

If a family relocates more than 50 miles away, an exception will  be made and any unused tuition will be refunded.

If a student withdraws, or is otherwise dismissed, during  the school year, the terms of the tuition insurance policy (if  elected) will prevail. Otherwise, tuition and all other fees are  due upon withdrawal or dismissal.

New Family Referral Tuition Credit – Only one current  family will be credited for referring a new family. In order  for the referring family to receive the $750 tuition credit,  the New Family Referral form must be signed and dated  by the new family and submitted with the new student’s  Application for Admission. Once the new family has  been enrolled for one semester, the referring family will  receive the $750 tuition credit. This referral credit has no  cash value, can be carried forward one year, and is non transferable. Only one $750 tuition credit will be issued per  new family. Northland faculty and staff are not eligible to  receive this credit.

For questions about any of the above items or to apply for  discounts, please contact Cathy Yerian at 



  • PK/Elementary class activity fees range from  $35 to $150 per semester, depending on grade level.
  • Middle & high school students may be assessed fees for class-related expenses (i.e., class shirts,  etc.).
  • A limited number of middle and high school classes require special equipment or supplies (i.e., choir, art, photography, robotics). Special class fees may be assessed depending on class requirements.
  • Optional educational, athletic, and service trips are offered each year. These include academic meets, fine arts competitions, European travel,  senior trip, and other events. The cost of these trips is not included in tuition.
  • AP and Dual Credit courses have additional fees which are not included in tuition.
  • Athletic and other extracurricular teams may be assessed fees for team-related expenses (i.e., pre-game meals, t-shirts, etc.).
  • Delinquent balances will be assessed a late fee.
  • Tuition and fees do not cover the cost of education. Therefore, we rely on our Cougar Fund donations to bridge the gap.
  • A summer program is provided for students who have completed K-5th grade. Various sports, fine arts, and academic camps are conducted for middle and high school students.  Programs and rates are announced during the spring of each year.

MacBook Computer and/or iPad – All 6th to 8th-grade students must have an iPad. All  9th through 12th-grade students are required to have a MacBook computer. Please get in touch with Vicki Louden at for minimum specifications for the required device.

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