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Why Northland?

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What Sets Northland Apart from Other Schools?

  • Small classes with teachers who will meet before and after school to ensure student learning

  • Safe learning environment
  • Chapel sessions in addition to Bible Study that encourage students to interact on a wider scale with their “Faith in Action.”

  • The opportunity to participate in multiple extra-curricular activities within the same school year

  • A value system that places God and family at priority within life’s daily balance

  • Embedded in all academics and sports are the greater life lessons that stay with character of each student over time

  • Responsive staff dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual student in ways that are encouraging to the entire family

  • The commitment of teachers to encourage each student in developing their gifts and talents for the greater good of all


Northland Christian School was founded in 1974. Northland offers a traditional college preparatory curriculum and comprehensive co-curricular programs. The beautiful campus is located in northwest Houston that is one of the fastest growing areas of the fourth largest US city. Currently there are approximately 500 students enrolled at Northland.


Students grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially for the glory of God.
  • Students come to know Christ and walk in His ways.
  • Students maximize academic potential.
  • Students develop and care for their bodies.
  • Students understand their own worth and show respect and compassion for others.


  • 33% of our faculty members have a graduate degree. 
  • Current faculty received degrees from 64 different universities.
  • Department chairmen have an average 23 years of teaching experience.

Global Perspective

Northland provides opportunities for students to experience the rich diversity of people, groups and cultures from all over the world. Our students have traveled to Italy, Spain, China, Peru, and Mexico. The growing international student population continues to expand the school’s global perspective.

Excellence in Academics

Northland Christian School is committed to preparing all students for the world of tomorrow and to offering each student directed academic planning, giving them the best opportunities for the future. In our continued pursuit of these goals, NCS continues to deliver “Excellence in Academics”.
Excellence in Academics is a culture. It is our strategic plan for immersing students in a culture of excellence – in a culture where achievement is valued and excellence is encouraged; or even better, where excellence is required. It is designed to move students to an understanding of their God-given gifts. We are intentional about our claim to be a college preparatory school. Excellence in Academics is our action plan to vault our graduates into their college choices, excited to embrace all that each university can offer them.

College Placement

  • Guidance counselors meet individually with students to assist in the college admissions process.
  • Naviance, a comprehensive college and career search program, is utilized by students throughout the college and career search process.
  • SAT and ACT test preparation is available for all Northland students through Method Test Prep.
  • 100% of graduating seniors are accepted at a college or university.
  • 86% attend a four-year university; 8% attend a two-year university; 6% enlist in the military or begin missionary work.
  • Graduating seniors are awarded an average of $3.4 million dollars in scholarships (average for the last 5 years).
  • Northland graduates attend various colleges and universities including recent enrollment at Harvard, The Air Force Academy, The Naval Academy, The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, Rice University, Vanderbilt University, Stanford University, Baylor University, University of Oklahoma, College of William and Mary, Colorado State University, Bentley University, Pepperdine University, and New York University.
  • Students are given opportunities to visit multiple colleges and universities.

Graduation Requirements

  • Northland works with each student to select challenging courses to satisfy requirements for either a Recommended or Distinguished Achievement High School Diploma. Beginning with the Class of 2018, graduates will complete the Foundation High School Program with Endorsements and Performance Acknowledgements.
  • Approximately 35% of students meet the advanced measures required to be awarded the Distinguished Achievement Program diploma.
  • Northland requires 30 total credits for graduation, surpassing the State of Texas requirement  of 26.
  • Community service hours are required to enhance social and academic learning while developing character and citizenship skills. Students are encouraged to exceed the minimum requirement of 20 hours per year.

College Preparation

  • Northland students are encouraged to enroll in Dual Credit, Honors, and Advanced Placement level courses in Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Science, Debate, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Humanities, Physics, Spanish, Studio Art, and US History. 
  • Typically, 64% of seniors are enrolled in Advanced Placement and/or Dual Credit courses.
  • Approximately 67% of AP students score a 3 or higher on their AP exam.
  • Teacher to student ratio is 1:13.
  • Average class size is 20.


The school is situated on 33 acres that gives it the look and feel of a small college campus. Through the generosity of our donors, we have recently remodeled five of our secondary buildings including all classrooms. The Science Building was renovated with state-of-the-art laboratories. Beautiful soccer, baseball, softball, and football fields, as well as a premier track and field running complex surround the campus. Nine additional acres of property were recently purchased for expansion.

Religious Affiliation

Northland Christian School is a private, non-denominational, Christian school. Northland believes that students should develop in the four areas that are stated in our mission statement. Our students regularly come from 30-40 different Christian churches. Bible classes focusing on Christian history, worldview, and doctrine are attended by all of our students as well as a weekly chapel service. Our international students attend church with their host families.

Co-Curricular Activities 

Achievement is valued and excellence is encouraged through involvement in co-curricular activities. Students have the opportunity to use their God given gifts in the areas of academics, athletics, and fine arts. Students can use their academic talents through participation in debate and numerous academic competitions. Students who are gifted athletically can choose from 12 different sports. Northland Fine Arts programs are superior and offer students an environment in which they can thrive. Leadership opportunities are available through membership and participation in organizations such as the International Thespian Society, National Art Honor Society, National Forensic League, National Honor Society, and Student Council. We believe participation in our co-curricular programs offers students the opportunity to develop their whole person and enrich their educational journey.

Boarding Student Placement

The education of students at Northland  is a partnership between the home and the school. Parents are highly involved in the education process. With this foundation, NCS offers a home stay program for our international students. Students have the opportunity to live with American families. Living with an American family 24/7 is an environment that fosters social and emotional growth. An added benefit is the enhancement of the international student’s English skills as they are surrounded by English speaking natives on a daily basis.
Host families are carefully screened using background and reference checks. Families are interviewed, selected and then trained to meet the needs of each student. Special attention is given to ensure that each student is properly placed with a compatible host family.

Student Personal Growth

An education at Northland is not an end in itself; it is a means employed in the development of character. Students will be held to high ethical and moral standards. Students will be challenged and encouraged to set short and long range goals for their lives. The Northland faculty and staff will love students and expect great things from them.

Digital Learning at Northland

Northland launched its Digital Anytime Anywhere Learning Program in 2006. All students in grades 6-12 participate in the Program by purchasing their own MacBook computer through Northland.
The Digital Program enhances learning and teaching with technology and also embeds technology into the core curriculum. The program has provided new creative opportunities and truly reoriented the classroom learning experience at Northland Christian School.
Elementary students are using laptops as they interactively conduct research in Aha! Science. Even at their young ages, they are analyzing, comparing and contrasting complex concepts, fully engaging their critical thinking skills to evaluate the topic and make decisions. In the same way, our Secondary students are skillfully employing technology tools to analyze multi-faceted information, after which they engage their higher-order thinking skills to create unique personal artifacts as their response to the ‘driving question’ in a project-based learning exercise.
At Northland, project-based learning and instructional technology are empowering each student and faculty member to bring global knowledge, expertise, and perspectives right into their classrooms, while at the same time allowing them to participate in shaping those resources as co-learners with global reach and influence. Through this process, Northland students achieve citizenship in the global community.
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