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About Us

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Northland Christian School was founded in 1974. Northland offers a traditional college preparatory curriculum and comprehensive co-curricular programs. The beautiful campus is located in northwest Houston that is one of the fastest growing areas of the fourth largest US city. Currently there are 330 elementary students and 350 secondary students enrolled.


Students grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially for the glory of God.
  • Students come to know Christ and walk in His ways.
  • Students maximize academic potential.
  • Students develop and care for their body.
  • Students understand their own worth and show respect and compassion for others.


  • 33% of our faculty members have a graduate degree. 
  • Current faculty received degrees from 64 different universities.
  • Department chairmen have an average 23 years of teaching experience.

Global Perspective

Northland provides opportunities for students to experience the rich diversity of people, groups and cultures from all over the world. Our students have traveled to Italy, Spain, China, Peru, and Mexico. The growing international student population continues to expand the school’s global perspective.

Excellence in Academics

Northland Christian School is committed to preparing all students for the world of tomorrow and to offering each student directed academic planning, giving them the best opportunities for the future. In our continued pursuit of these goals, Northland continues to deliver “Excellence in Academics”.
Excellence in Academics is a culture. It is our strategic plan for immersing students in a culture of excellence – in a culture where achievement is valued and excellence is encouraged; or even better, where excellence is required. It is designed to move students to an understanding of their God-given gifts. We are intentional about our claim to be a college preparatory school. Excellence in Academics is our action plan to vault our graduates into their college choices, excited to embrace all that each university can offer them.

College Placement

  • Guidance counselors meet individually with students to assist in the college admissions process.
  • Naviance, a comprehensive college and career search program, is utilized by students throughout the college and career search process.
  • SAT and ACT test preparation is available for all Northland students through Method Test Prep.
  • 100% of graduating seniors are accepted at a college or university.
  • 91% attend a four-year university; 9% attend a two-year university.
  • Graduating seniors are awarded an average of $3.5 million dollars in scholarships (average for the last 5 years).
  • Northland graduates attend various colleges and universities including recent enrollment at the