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Northland Football

Program vision.
Northland Christian Football is built for dreamers and doers. Cougar football players are relentless competitors that work harder and care more than the average guy. A family that thrives off of energy, passion, pride and respect.

‘Life’s too short’ Mentality
Every day is a gift. We will be ‘all in’ on being in the moment and enjoying every dang second. We will take full advantage of every opportunity we are given. We will have a bounce in our step, smile on our face and faith in our hearts!

Driven by Faith
Everything we do will be powered by our faith in Jesus Christ. The opportunity to be a Cougar will be a blessing and we will treat it as such.

Committed to Academics
A student-athletes’ academic calendar will without question be the priority in our program. Everyone on our team will have a different starting and ending point but all of them will grow and challenge themselves.

We’re Doing Life
This is not a four-year contract. Connecting and engaging with the youth and middle school programs will be integral to our program. We will be relentless in creating opportunities for our student-athletes when their time in high school is over. Developing quality fathers and husbands will be our barometer of success. We are a family plain and simple.

Winning football games will be a result of the atmosphere that we create in Cougville.

High School Football

Middle School Football

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