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Matching Gifts

Northland Christian School is located in the suburbs but adjacent to the metropolitan area of Houston. Family members may work for corporations and large companies that offer matching gifts to supplement the individual employees generosity to our school. Because of the compounding effect of these gifts, it is to everyone’s advantage to know which companies provide matching funds and take advantage of this blessing. 

The synergy matching gifts provide is a great opportunity for Northland. We urge parents to check with their employer about the possibility of matching gifts funds. When the employee at these companies gives $1,000 or more and his or her matched funds equal $1,000, the business or corporation becomes a Business Partner. Even when the amount is less, it can add up to the membership when several employees claim the matched funds for the school. Within one year, the amounts are cumulative toward the the Business Partnership membership.

We encourage families to check with your employer and determine whether or not their place of employment will match a donation made to the Northland Christian School or the Northland Christian School Foundation. 

Usually, the human resource department, benefits office, or the community relations department has information or brochures on how the program work if one is available. Some companies have their own foundations that may offer support to education entities. Quality education is a component of quality life valued by many corporations. 

Corporation Donors Offering Matching Gifts:

  • Amoco Foundation, Inc.
  • Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Bank of America Corporation
British Petroleum
  • Chevron Companies

  • Cooper Industries, Inc.

  • Duke Energy Corporation
Entergy Services, Inc.
Hess Corporation

  • FMC Technologies, Inc.

  • Halliburton Foundation, Inc.
Hewitt Associates
  • LLC
  • Lyondell Chemical Company
ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc.

  • Shell Oil Foundation
 and others…

Northland students, faculty, and staff can also benefit from goods and services too. If you know of a resources or resources that might be willing to donate goods or services, please let them know about our business partnership program listed elsewhere on our website. You will receive a gift-in-kind receipt for the donation of goods. If equal to $1,000 the gift-in-kind may qualify as a business partnership membership.

Sample suggestions for gifts-in-kind are raffle or auction items, food donations from restaurants, a plotter from printing, etc… 


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