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Continuous Enrollment Now Open

Hello, and thank you for choosing to be part of our Northland family.

We are thrilled with everything our students have accomplished this past semester and look forward to what their futures have in store, as surely you are as well. At Northland, we strive to foster a culture of Christ, Community, Leadership and Giving, and we can’t tell you how rewarding it is to see your children embody those values each and every day.

As we continue to prepare your children for life beyond Northland, we’ve decided to take steps to simplify the enrollment process for you. We’re excited to announce we are enhancing our enrollment process and transitioning to continuous enrollment for the 2024/2025 school year. After you complete the enrollment process one last time, your children will automatically be re-enrolled each year until senior year graduation. No more annual enrollment packets and no more annual enrollment fees.

Please complete the enrollment packet in FACTS by February 15, 2024.

Packets completed after February 15, 2024 will incur an additional fee. Should your family decide to withdraw from Northland, simply send Cathy Yerian an email by February 15 of the current school year.

Our goal is to make the enrollment process as simple as possible so we can all focus on what matters, our students and their futures. Please feel free to contact Cathy Yerian directly if you have any questions or concerns, and thanks again for choosing to be part of our Northland family. We look forward to having your family with us through your child’s graduation.



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Tuition and Fee Schedule.