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Application Process

Dear Prospective Northland International Family,

Thank you for taking the time to apply to Northland! Here’s what we will need from you:

FIRST, schedule a Skype or WeChat interview with our international program director. (This interview should be scheduled before continuing to the rest of the steps). 

You can add him on WeChat or Skype under the user ID: DanielWoods777 and set the interview time, preferably around 9 a.m. Central time any weekday morning.

After a successful interview, numbers 1-4 should be scanned or photographed and e-mailed to

  1. Financial Declaration: All international applicants are asked to submit a financial declaration from their bank, verifying that they have funds available. Typically for our boarding students, it is best if the amount in the account exceeds US$40,000.

  2. $500 Application Fee: A non-refundable $500 application fee must be paid before we can issue the I-20. This fee can be paid by clicking the following link:

  3. Passport: A copy of the student's passport must be scanned along with the application.

  4. Official Transcript: We will need an official transcript of the last several years' grades, (from 7th grade and above) translated into English, along with CLASS RANK (example: 25/100 means the student ranks 25th out of 100 students in his/her class).

  5. Create an account and apply, click here:

After the initial interview and items 1-5 are all complete, we can typically make an official acceptance offer within 72 hours, and an I-20 can be issued within two weeks.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions!


Dan Woods
International Program Director

Please return the completed application to:

Or our mailing address is: 
Northland Christian School, Attention: Dan Woods
4363 Sylvanfield Drive
Houston, TX  77014
(281) 440-1060    
Fax: (281) 440-7572

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