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High School Program

The NCS track & field program celebrates the excellence of working and motivating student athletes toward a common goal. Athletes are asked to prepare themselves physically and mentally throughout the season as they represent their God, their school, their team, and themselves.

Competing in the very solid TAPPS 4-4A district, the Cougars compete against some of the best private and public schools in the Houston, TX area.

Young track and field athletes are given the chance to develop their skills and compete in a 5 meet JV league made up of Houston-area TAPPS 4A/5A and SPC schools, culminating in a JV championship meet in mid-April.  Some of the JV athletes continue their season as they join the varsity team at the TAPPS 4A, District 4 championship meet toward the end of April.

The district championship comes at the conclusion of a 7-8 meet regular season schedule. Top qualifiers move on to the TAPPS 4A South Regional meet at the end of April. Qualifiers from the regional meet can then move on to the two-day TAPPS 4A State Championship held at Baylor University during the first few weeks of May.

While Cougar athletes have enjoyed much success, both on the individual and team level, success is measured by the dedication, courage, and teamwork that it takes for individuals to grow in this demanding sport. The athletes are asked to develop the mental toughness it takes to train each and every day in gratitude and glory of the One who gives them the breath and health to train and compete.

Middle School Program

The middle school track team competes regularly from February to April. The team is made up of 6-8th grade students. Three coaches work with the students in running, jumping and throwing events. The goal is for each individual to improve their personal bests even if that doesn't mean a first place. 

Our trainlng thought comes from - I Chronicles 28:10, Be strong and finish....When the time comes, remember the person next to you is counting on you finishing. Stop and ask God to give you the strength to FINISH STRONG!


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