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Northland Volleyball

Welcome to Northland Volleyball! The purpose of the Northland Volleyball Program is to compete at the highest level possible as well as honor the Lord and promote Northland around the state. Being a member of this team is a privilege and your child will form life-long bonds with teammates and create memories that will never be forgotten. Our athletes are held to a higher standard, not only by the community, but also by their peers, parents, alumni, teachers and coaches.


High School Volleyball

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Northland Volleyball program is to glorify God through the pursuit of playing volleyball at the highest level possible.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: To build Christ-like characteristics into the lives of each volleyball player. God is at work through this organization. Character is more important than talent. We strive to teach the love of the game and to create well-rounded players on the court, in the classroom and community. Our goal is to enhance their volleyball skills, while developing their leadership, self-discipline and work ethic.


Middle School Volleyball

Middle School Volleyball is about teaching the basics, working hard and having fun. The Middle School philosophy is to prepare the VB athlete to be proficient in the fundamentals. Skill development gives the athlete confidence and allows the girls to have fun and feel successful while they are playing the game.

As important, is the lesson that comes from Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart….” Each one of these athletes has the opportunity to find reward through hard work. Because success is not always measured by wins and losses,  it is our goal for the girls to honor God through their effort, athletic ability and enthusiasm.

High School Volleyball

Middle School Volleyball

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