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Northland Christian Soccer has had a history of success. Soccer is a fun, dynamic winter sport. Both Middle School and High School have a boys' and girls' team. All teams practice on the soccer practice field. Middle School has before school practice and High School teams practice directly after school.

Middle School teams will also play their games on the practice field, while the Varsity High School teams play in Cougar Stadium.

Varsity Soccer

Varsity Soccer begins in October and runs through March. Practices run daily from 3:30-5:00PM and focus on skill-work with an emphasis on ball movement, field positioning, and active transition play. Northland's coaching staff has included professional soccer players and nationally-licensed coaches. 

Northland competes against eight schools in the TAPPS district. Coaching goals develop players skills both on and off the field.

Middle School Soccer

Middle School Soccer begins at the end of October and runs through February. Both the Boys' Soccer team and the Girls' Soccer team practice together each morning at 7:00am. There are occasions when the teams will combine to play coed games. The teams compete against other private schools in the district.

Middle School soccer focuses on learning about execution formation and mastering soccer skills. The goal is to help each individual player grow to ultimately make the team stronger. 



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