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Volleyball Program

Middle School

Middle School Volleyball is about teaching the basics, working hard and having fun. The Middle School philosophy is to prepare the VB athlete to be proficient in the fundamentals. Skill development gives the athlete confidence and allows the girls to have fun and feel successful while they are playing the game.

As important, is the lesson that comes from Colossians 3:23, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart...."  Each one of these athletes has the opportunity to find reward through hard work. Because success is not always measured by wins and losses,  it is our goal for the girls to honor God through their effort, athletic ability and enthusiasm.

High School 

We are very excited for the 2017 Volleyball season! The Lord is working among the team and we trust that above all, God is glorified this year through everything we do! While we have a highly skilled and talented group of players, even more important to us are the lessons we are learning each day that transcend the sport of volleyball.

Mission: The mission of the Northland Volleyball program is to glorify God through the pursuit of playing volleyball at the highest level possible.

Primary Life-Lessons

Life lessons will be woven into each practice and are often learned seamlessly along with skills. At the same time, we will often spend time in practice to discuss a relevant life-lesson and consider how it may relate specifically to our sport. Among the lessons we will focus on are:

  1. Establishing respect for authority and properly making an appeal when you disagree
  2. Learning to move past unfair situations to make the best of it
  3. Maintaining good relationships with teammates and coaches in emotionally-charged situations
  4. Learning to deal with failure by (a) putting mistakes behind you immediately in an emotional sense while at the same time (b) learning from mistakes in a purely intellectual sense
  5. Understanding the correlation between the concept of team and of the biblical definition of a body of believers, where no one member is more important than the other.
  6. Learning to address interpersonal problems by “speaking the truth in love.”
  7. Learning to own up to our own shortcomings by not making excuses, and at the same time learning to celebrate our own strengths and not apologize for them.
  8. Learning the importance of a “carpe diem” mentality
  9. Establishing intentional living: Allowing our faith in Christ to drive our actions.
  10. Learning to “leave it all out on the court.”
  11. Understanding the concept of servant leadership.

We encourage you to come out and watch our team compete and support these young ladies as they seek to glorify God in their pursuit of a state title.

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