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Culture of Giving

Each year Northland families, staff, and board members are asked to make at least three donations: Annual Fund, Black & Gold, and to the Northland Foundation. Think about all three, think Northland for today, tomorrow, and for the future. The amount is not as important as is the commitment we all make. When everyone participates, amazing things happen! 

Annual Fund

Most private schools solicit support for an annual campaign. The funds from the campaign help to control tuition costs while parents are eligible for a tax-deduction through Annual Fund giving. How so? Like many schools, the cost of a private school education is greater than the cost of tuition, so the annual campaign closes the budget gap to meet the budget need of “today.” 

Black and Gold Annual Event


The annual budget, however, is not the whole story. In the case of Northland, we want to go beyond basic needs to provide the “cutting edge” resources, teachers and other services that make a good school great! Giving to the Black and Gold event is the plan for getting ahead and giving Northland an edge over the basic school program by providing funds for “tomorrow.”

Northland Foundation


The vehicle for protecting the future of Northland is the Northland Foundation. Giving to the Foundation helps to sustain excellence and will make it possible for the Trustees to plan for the future with confidence. The all-volunteer Board of Directors feel so strongly about Northland that they are believe they are investing in the future for their own children -- and so they are!  

Additional Ways to Give

You may also choose to bless Northland in other ways such as gifts-in-kind, volunteer time, or by joining one or more of our "Support Groups." As families among the Northland family, your big heart is valued and it is an aspect of Northland that makes us special!


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