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Why would an individual want to give to the Forever Fund?

Answer: The answers are varied, but most individuals with generous hearts like the idea that their gift will never “disappear.” They appreciate the investment side of the donation that will continue to earn interest year after year so that the gift remains in perpetuity. 

Question: Does my endowment gift need to be large?

Answer: The larger the gift, the more likely the investment will return strong dividends for the school’s needs. A donation of $100,000 is necessary to be considered a “Forever Fund Founder.” 

Question: Will others know about my gift?

Answer: No one will know about the gift unless the endowment donor has specified others may know. In addition, the donor can determine the level of recognition. Recognition is helpful to the cause, because gifts of this type are of course, valuable to the school and inspiring to others. However, the donor has control over the level of recognition the school provides at the time the gift is given and in the future. 

Question: How can I be confident that my funds will be managed well by the school?

Answer: The funds are not managed directly by the school but by a professional financial entity selected for their expertise in the marketplace. The decision on where to invest funds is made on sound investment practice. 

Question: How does Northland manage its investment?

Answer: The Northland Christian School Foundation has established an investment policy specifically for the Forever Fund Endowment. The policy and its implementation is the responsibility of a committee named by the NCS Foundation Directors with oversight and review by the Endowment investments Committee. The committee follows policies and procedures, which are approved and reviewed periodically by the overall Board of Directors. Northland has hired Fiduciary Investment Advisors (FIA) to serve as consultants to the Investment Committee. FIA will perform portfolio diagnostic review; investment policy statement evaluation and development; asset allocation planning and development; spending policy review and development; and portfolio performance monitoring. Reports will be provided. 

Question: Who is on the investment committee of the NCS Foundation?

Answer: A committee of skilled business volunteers serves on the investment committee and represent the best interests of the school and the families who attend the school. Northland’s Investment Committee is made up of members of the Northland community who have investment expertise. A representative of the administration works with the committee and is informed on all decisions. These "Restricted" funds shall be administered in accordance with applicable law. 

Question: What types of donations does the NCS Foundation accept?


  • Cash and Credit Gifts – Donate by cash, check, credit card.
  • Appreciated Assets – Donation of stocks, bonds and other similar liquid assets 
  • Matching Gifts – The Company you work for may offer employees a benefit that matches employee charitable contributions.
  • Planned Gifts – Make NCS Foundation the beneficiary of your will & testament provisions, retirement plan, IRA, life insurance policy, or trust.
  • In-Kind Gifts – Contact the business office if you wish to donate an in-kind gift
  • Other Gifts, requiring NCS Foundation consent, certain personal property (example a vehicle) and certain real estate.


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