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Annual Fund FAQS

Q: What is the Northland Annual Fund?

A: Every year, the Northland Annual Fund supplements our operating budget to provide the exceptional educational and enrichment opportunities offered through Northland that would not be possible without raising tuition. 

Q: Why do we need the Northland Annual Fund? 

A: Tuition and fees only cover approximately 90% of our operating costs. While we want to maintain the quality that sets Northland apart, we also want to ensure that an excellent Northland education is available to as many families as possible. Our ongoing priority is to keep tuition affordable, which is why we choose to run an Annual Fund each year to close the gap between our actual costs and what tuition covers. 

Q: How is the Northland Annual Fund different from other Northland fundraisers?

A: Unlike other fundraisers, the Annual Fund is used solely for the purpose of covering our operating costs during the particular school year in which it is collected. Other fundraisers either support specific programs or projects or allow Northland to go above and beyond the excellence that we already offer.

Q: How do I benefit from giving to the Northland Annual Fund?

A: Unlike tuition and fees, gifts to the Northland Annual Fund are eligible for a tax deduction. For families with students in the school, this enables you to contribute to your child’s education while getting a tax write off.

Q: Will my gift be acknowledged? 

A: You will receive a gift acknowledgement letter that expresses our gratitude for your commitment to Northland and provides a record for your tax purposes. Northland is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


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