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Kara Poe Alexander

Kara Poe Alexander is a gifted writer and associate professor at Baylor University. She received her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Louisville, an M.A. in English, Rhetoric and Composition from Abilene Christian University, and a B.S. from ACU in Secondary education. As an accomplished scholar, she enjoys great satisfaction from helping students to improve their writing. Her education started at Northland. 

For Kara Poe and the rest of the Poe family, Northland was part of the family fabric when she was growing up. The school was her extended family for many years. Kara made many friendships there that still have very special meaning for her. Dr. Alexander is still mindful of the teachers and other staff who cared for the students at NCS. 

“The educators there helped me navigate the difficult teenage years, all the while loving me and not judging me for who I was or what I thought--just being there and supporting me through it all,” Dr. Alexander says. She developed a love for learning at Northland. “I learned how to question ideas, concepts, and assumptions as a means to knowledge and understanding--all while in a safe space where dialogue and debate could occur. The teachers at Northland impacted my life so greatly that I even become a teacher. I have great respect for them and the guidance and encouragement they gave me,” she indicates.

Kara was Valedictorian of her class and a “four-year letterman” in volleyball and basketball enjoying academics and sports. She was in the homecoming court, class of 1994, an officer, and a member of the National Honor Society. She describes her teachers as, “smart, caring, and flexible with each individual class and student.” She grew to love history, Spanish and English while developing excellent study skills which helped her in college and later in graduate school.

She is married to Shane Alexander and the mother to three children, Elizabeth, Peyton and Levi. Northland Christian School is proud of Kara and the impact she has on her own family and the Baylor University students each day. That’s how “Northland Forever” works--making lasting impact on lives!


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