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Special Preschool Activities - Four Year Olds

Pajama Day –  Letter P activities such as painting with potatoes, making pancakes and popcorn

Polar Express Day -  Pajamas are the day’s attire along with a train ride and finding “the bell”

Lil' Boots Roundup – Dress in western attire and attend special western activities

Holiday Parties – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter and End of the Year

Field trips – The Fire Station, Pumpkin Patch, The Aquarium Restaurant

Star of the Week – Each child is highlighted for a week and given special duties and privileges

Program and Art Show – Parents have the opportunity to observe their children in a themed performance with the three and four year olds. Children’s art is displayed and refreshments are served

Parent Conferences – Provided in October 

Graduation – Children perform during graduation and each child is highlighted in a special slide show

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