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Criteria for Placement in Advanced Classes/Online Classes

All courses taught at Northland meet a high academic standard and prepare students for college. However, all students are gifted in different ways and it is important that they be placed in the classes that best meet their needs. For interested students who are ready for the challenge, advanced courses are offered in most subject areas. A parent/student signed contract will be required for all AP, Dual Credit, and online classes. Additional fees may apply.

Honors, Pre-AP®, Dual Credit or AP®
For placement in an honors, Pre-AP®, Dual Credit or AP® class, the selection committee will use the following criteria:

  • Standardized test scores (TerraNova, PSAT, TSI, SAT, or ACT) 
  • Teacher recommendations 
  • Grade in the previous class

The following guidelines will help you decide whether your child is ready for the challenge:

1. Did your child score in the 85th percentile or above on standardized tests in the subject area in which they wish to advance? 

  • Math – Math section 
  • English – Reading and Verbal skills 
  • Biology – Reading and Verbal skills 
  • Chemistry/Physics – Math section 
  • History – Reading and Verbal skills

2. If your child wishes to advance to a more difficult level,did he or she make a 90 or above in the previous course? 

3. If your high school child is currently taking an advanced class, did he or she maintain a grade of at least an 85? If your middle school child is currently taking an advanced class, did he or she maintain a grade of at least an 85? Middle school students who do not maintain an 85 may be rescheduled during the first semester or may be required to repeat the course the following year. Due to the importance of the foundation required to advance successfully in math and foreign language, 8th graders taking Algebra I and Spanish I must make an 85 to advance.

4. Has your child demonstrated that he or she possesses the discipline and work ethic necessary to succeed in an advanced class?

Dual Credit Classes
Dual Credit classes allow students to earn concurrent high school and college credit. Therefore, placement in these courses is based on the entrance requirements for Lone Star College and Abilene Christian University. Students must apply to Lone Star College before testing so that scores may be attached to the application. The application and testing procedures can be obtained from the Academic Counseling Center in Building Seven. Student scores must meet Lone Star College standards on the TSI Assessment test unless exempt based on their SAT or ACT score. Abilene Christian University does not require an application, but students must meet the standards for the courses based on their SAT or ACT score. Test scores must be approved and on file in the Counselor’s Office prior to May 25th of the application school year or the student will not be enrolled in the course when the school year begins in August. Additional fees are required by Lone Star College and Abilene Christian University and are the responsibility of the student and parents. 

Online Classes
Students requesting to take an online class must be approved by the selection committee. Students requesting to take honors or AP® level classes online must meet the same criteria as face-to-face classes. Students wishing to take online classes for enrichment or classes necessary for completion of required high school course work, must demonstrate a willingness to learn and the self-discipline to work independently. Teacher recommendations and the online skills survey will be used by the selection committee to determine a student’s readiness for online classes. An online class contract is required for each course. 

Online classes may require an additional fee. Please contact the Counselor’s office for more information on online course options.

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