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Bible - 6th Grade
The Birth and Early History of the Church; A World of Worldviews
Key Themes:
 -The birth, early growth, and persecution of the church
 -The spread of the gospel to Judea and Samaria
 -The spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth
- Paul’s arrest, trial, and journey to Rome
- Introduction to worldviews
- Types of worldviews:  Islam, Naturalism, New Age
- Biblical Christian worldviews
- Comparison of Biblical and Non-Biblical worldviews

The purpose of this unique curriculum is to help children begin to formulate and apply a biblical worldview at an early age. Children form beliefs and values early in life and bring these to school and into the classroom. These foundational beliefs and values influence how students interpret knowledge and govern their actions. This curriculum will help students interpret knowledge and build foundational beliefs and values from a Christian perspective. In an age of competing worldviews, this curriculum will help young students formulate a biblical perspective of the world and then live accordingly.

Biblical Foundations - 7th Grade
2 Semesters
Through the books of Genesis, Colossians, and Philippians students will learn about creation, the fall of man, and redemption through Jesus Christ. In addition students will learn how to navigate the Bible, identify the attributes of God, and be given tools to enrich their personal quiet time and prayer life.

Life of Christ - 8th Grade
2 Semesters
This course will take an in depth look at the harmony of all four Gospels in order for students to gain a complete understanding of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Students will learn the importance of cultural and historical context in understanding the complete meaning of Jesus’ life and teachings.

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