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6th Grade
The Birth and Early History of the Church and Intro to Worldviews
2 Semesters
The purpose and goal of the first semester is to study and understand the birth, early growth, and persecution of the Church. The spreading of the gospel from Jerusalem to Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth will be examined. The life of Paul and his impact on the early church will also be discussed, including his arrest, trial, and journey to Rome. The purpose of the second semester is to teach students how to begin formulating and applying a biblical worldview at an early age. Children form beliefs and values early in life and bring these to school and into the classroom. These foundational beliefs and values influence how students interpret knowledge and govern their actions. This curriculum will help students interpret knowledge and build foundational beliefs and values from a Christian perspective. In an age of competing worldviews like Islam, Naturalism, and New Age, this curriculum will help students formulate a biblical perspective of the world and live according to God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

7th Grade
Route 66: Old Testament and New Testament Survey
2 Semesters
This study provides a basic introduction to the structure and themes of the Word of God. “Route 66” is a survey course with an emphasis on understanding God’s relationship with man throughout history. As students’ journey through this fast-moving survey of the entire Bible, they will discover truths and applications that God placed in each book of the Bible. God’s gracious work is clear—from creation to the cross to the consummation of time

8th Grade
The Life of Christ
2 Semesters
Students will journey through the Gospel of John, and develop not only a stronger knowledge of Christ, but also a deeper relationship with Him. This study explores the identity and purpose of God’s Son, as revealed through His earthly ministry. Featuring an interactive study of biblical landmarks, the “Life of Christ” examines the ministry and work of God’s Son within Israel’s historical and geographical context. By exploring Christ’s work from His preexistence to His ascension, student will learn how to apply spiritual truths to their own lives as they choose to allow God to shape them into the image of His Son, Jesus.

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