Texas Christian Schools Interscholastic Tournament | Northland Christian School

Texas Christian Schools Interscholastic Tournament

  • Grades: Grade 6-12
  • Competitors: Approximately 13 other private schools in this state-wide competition
  • Date: Early-to-mid April
  • Location: Abilene Christian University
  • Selection Process: Based on grades, teachers nominate the top nine students in academic areas. After taking a practice quiz, the top three scoring students are invited to participate. 
  • Competition Format: There are five events in each grade with a variety of topics including mathematics, science, grammar, history, and Bible.
  • Competition Support: Students are coached by NCS teachers.
  • Years Competing: Northland has competed TCSIT for 27 years.
  • Fee: There is a fee of approximately $225 for each student that covers transportation, housing and entry fees.
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