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History/Social Sciences

Social Studies/Ancient World - 6th Grade
Students are led through a survey that begins with the rise of civilization and ends with a study of Ancient Rome. The approach consists of a series of instructional practices that allow students of all abilities to experience key social studies concepts. The lessons incorporate the six types of multiple intelligence activities (verbal, logical, visual, kinesthetic, rhythmic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal) igniting each student’s passion for learning. The use of cooperative group work promotes higher student achievement and increased student interaction. With this curriculum, what was once a dusty, dry area of learning is now fresh, exciting, and engaging.

Texas History - 7th Grade
Texas History covers the history of the land and the peoples of Texas from the prehistoric era to the present. Major emphasis is on periods prior to the twentieth century. The contributions of various cultures and the interaction of these cultures are presented early and are major themes throughout the course. Map reading skills are a vital element of this course. The study of Texas history will incorporate lecture, reading skills, note-taking, map-making, videos, and a large variety of hands-on projects for most units covered. Multicultural heritage, geographical influences, technological advancement, democracy and civil rights, individual and family life, intellectual and religious development, free enterprise and economic development, conflict and cooperation are topics included in this study.   

U.S. History - 8th Grade
This course is an introductory study of United States history. The adventure will begin with early American Indian settlers and will discuss the social and cultural development of the United States through the Civil War. The course attempts to create in students a spirit of love and appreciation for their country as well as a realistic view of the people and events that shaped this great nation. An optional field trip is offered in the spring.

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