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Is Robotics for You?

Robotics is an endeavor best suited to students who have a deep interest in mathematics and/or the sciences. Some characteristics of a potential Robotics enthusiast would be:

  • Interest in machines and mechanical things
  • Interest in programming for a purpose
  • Works well independently and with a team
  • Is self-motivated

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HS Robotics

The NCS Robotics Program is designed to prepare students for competition in interscholastic Robotics tournaments with both public and private school in the state of Texas. Tournaments motivate participants in science and technology to expand their skills. Additionally, these competitions assist in the development of skills that are utilized in critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving. Students are allowed to make use of their various innate skills such as creativity, imagination, curiosity, and innovation as they design and create their robots.

The Robotics Program emphasizes mathematics and science topics used in programming robotics. Students have the opportunity to design and build simple robots and work as a team. This program is appropriate for students who are interested in Robotics competition, and have interest in applying mathematics to real-world settings that solve problems with machines. High school tea