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Library Philosophy/Mission Statement

The Board of Northland Christian School, through its professional staff, will provide materials that promote critical thinking and meet the curricular needs of students, “enabling children to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially.” (Northland Christian School) The Northland Christian Preschool/Elementary Library Media Center (LMC) will ready students for lifelong learning, teach information and research skills, foster a love of reading, and support school curricular goals.  The LMC staff will accomplish this by: 
  • upholding the First Amendment’s  (First Congress of the United States) protection of rights to access information in various formats (ALA, Freedom to Read, 1953)
  • encouraging the development of literacy, and
  • promoting the knowledge and use of technological skills to gain information.
LMC Goals and Objectives
The purpose of the LMC is to provide: 
  1. Access to an organized and maintained collection of diverse learning resources that include a variety of formats.  These resources will consist of a wide range of cultures, interests, points of view, and learning styles.
  2. A collection of materials and resources to support curriculum and instructional goals.
  3. Instruction which encourages interest in reading, aides patrons in their research activities, and promotes use of technology.
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