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Science Lab

Elementary Science curriculum is available to all students in grades K-5. A certified science specialist works in the science lab with students in grades 3-5 on a daily basis while K-2nd grade students visit the lab once a week for enrichment opportunities. Students are taught basic science skills using hands-on experiments and technology. Guest scientists from the community are often found sharing with the children in the Lab. An annual Science Night is also held to promote the love of Science and the enjoyment of hands on learning.

The Science Lab operates on the foundation of the 4 E’s:

  1. Energy—potential or kinetic, solar or chemical
  2. Exploration—a process of trial and error
  3. Experiments—hands-on labs that make science come to life
  4. Excitement—developing student interest in the field of science

Northland has sustained a relationship with ExxonMobil for several years. The company provides experienced interns to assist our fifth grade students with their annual Science Fair projects. ExxonMobil representatives also serve as judges for the Science Fair. Grant funds received from this partnership provide Science Lab materials and curriculum items. Also, thanks to a grant from the NCS Foundation, Lego Robotics is implemented into 4th and 5th grades with a focus on computer programming and engineering skills within the robotics field.


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