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What to Expect in Fourth Grade


Data provides information and evidence for decisions. Students are learning to gather data before making decisions. Data and other more complete facts are skills needed in scientific writing and factual writing such as the genre of biographies studied extensively in this grade as inspiration for innovative productivity, improving life quality and understand that challenges in life can build character.


  • Comprehension skills
  • Analyze characters in novels
  • Plot, setting & other story elements
  • Fiction and non-fiction


  • Solving multi-step word problems
  • Reading and interpreting graphs
  • Complex multiplication and division
  • Understanding equivalent fractions
  • Add/Sub. fractions with like denominators
  • Area/Perimeter of quadrilaterals 
  • Reasonable measurements in the metric system
  • Evaluate reasonableness of answer


  • Parts of speech
  • Journal writing
  • Writing a research paper
  • Poetry
  • Formal writing styles
  • Spelling 
  • Editing strategies
  • Bibliographies


  • Life Science
      - Rainforest Research Project
      - Plants
      - Body systems

  • Earth Science
      - Weather
      - Natural Resources
      - Water and Rock Cycles
      - Seasonal and Lunar Change

  • Physical Science
      - Properties of matter
      - Physical and chemical changes
      - Force, friction, speed and velocity
      - Lego robotics and engineering

Social Studies

  • Geographical regions of Texas
  • Texas history using Texas Weekly
  • Landforms
  • Map skills
  • Group work/Social skills
  • Timelines
  • Famous Texan presentation


  • Extended pentatonic scale
  • Complex rhythms
  • Sightreading on staff
  • Reader's Theater
  • Square dancing
  • Music memory

Physical Education

  • Tag and ball games
  • Rules and sportsmanship
  • Jogging/running 5 min. daily
  • Volleyball, basketball & baseball skills
  • Juggling 3 items
  • Badminton skills
  • Tennis and handball
  • Bowling
  • Board games
  • Jump Rope
  • Soccer tournament
  • Hockey
  • Presidential Fitness Test

Global Bible Concepts

  • Fruits of the Spirit
  • In depth studies of books Genesis through Samuel
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Psalm 23
  • Character traits with Biblical support

Developmental Traits

  • Organization of papers, assignment books and backpacks
  • Responsibility for homework, supplies and choices
  • Patience for others and getting attention appropriately
  • Manners and showing respect for authority and peers
  • Cooperation with each other and the faculty
  • Work ethic
  • Godly examples
  • Social skills
  • Using gifts to honor God

School Expectations

  • Leaving the restrooms clean
  • Leaving the lunchroom clean
  • Taking care of supplies needed for class
  • Completing assignments in a timely manner
  • Work at everything with all your heart (best effort)

Parent Expectations

  • Support teacher decisions
  • Support functions and activities of school
  • Ensure punctuality and school attendance 
  • Allow student independence
  • Provide academic support when necessary

School Trips or Significant Events

  • Build a classroom rainforest
  • Space Film Festival (create iMovies about planets and have  viewing & awards)
  • Wax Museum (research project over a famous Texan, Character presentation & Tri-fold background board)
  • Biography Bottles (fact)
  • Graphing/Place Value project (fraction project)
  • Metric Olympics
  • School-wide recycling program
  • Patriotic Celebration
  • Christmas Concert
  • Spring Musical Concert
  • Good Will Tours
  • Square Dancing
  • Physical Education Show* (Additional costume items may be required.)
  • Science Night
  • Field Day*
  • Stone Soup Celebration
  • Classroom parties*
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Competition
  • Trip to Dewberry Farms* (ties in with Social Studies)
  • Trip to Moody Gardens* (ties in with Rainforest Unit)
  • Trip to Sam Houston Memorial Museum* (ties in with Texas History)
  • Orchestra (Optional: additional fees for instrument rental and purchase of music.)
  • Math League Competition
  • National Geography Challenge
  • National Science Challenge
  • Yearbook cover contest
  • Service project: military messages
*Included in class activity fees. 

Additional Fees:

  • School Supplies: $100-$110 range yearly
  • Activity Fee: $50-$70 per semester to cover travel related expenses.
  • Honor Choir: Optional program with an additional fee of approximately $75 for those who choose to participate
  • TCSA Academic Meet: By qualification. Additional fee required for those who choose to participate. Approximately $200.00.
  • Duke Talent Identification Program: By qualification - additional fee required for those who choose to participate, Under $50.00.
  • Summer Institute for the Gifted: By qualification - additional fee required for those who choose to participate.
  • Johns Hopkins CTY Talent Search: By qualification - additional fee required for those who choose to participate, Under $50.00.
All fees and supplies are subject to market pricing


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