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Why Choose a Christian Elementary School?

A private Christian elementary school can be a wonderful blessing for parents and children during this crucial time in a young person’s development.

Elementary Overview

Northland Christian Elementary is thoughtful in growing each student academically, spiritually and physically. Core curriculum is enriched weekly with Bible, P.E., Music, Library, and Science Lab. Realizing that students learn from social experience and hands on activities Northland students have daily recess and take several Field Trips throughout the year to enrich learning. Students come together weekly to celebrate God's love in a student/class lead chapel. From Student Council to service projects, students also learn to lead and serve others.

Teachers are Engaged

Small class sizes and nurturing teachers are the cornerstone of Northland Elementary. With the recognition that each student learns differently, smaller class sizes allow teachers to engage one-on-one with students. Teachers recognize the needs of the students and are able to present Biblical principles woven into the academic fabric of the school. Blessed with teachers who truly care and are seeking innovative teaching styles, learning becomes fun and interactive.

Building a Foundation

By the completion of their Elementary experience, students are prepared for Middle School. Early introduction to advanced academic concepts are continually built upon so that by the time a student enters the 6th grade there is a solid foundation established.
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