2018-19 Accelerated Reader Policy | Northland Christian School

2018-19 Accelerated Reader Policy

Northland Christian School will be using the Accelerated Reader online program as a tool for encouraging the love of reading and to help children become better readers.

1) All students will be assessed each term (more often if necessary) by using the STAR assessment tool.

2) STAR assessment results will be used to match students with correct book levels.

3) Teachers will work with each student to arrive at an individualized goal that is reasonable and achievable.

4) Teachers will inform parents what each child’s goal is.

5) If a student meets his/her goal, parents are encouraged to provide a reward at home.

6) All Accelerated Reader tests must be taken at school.

7) Each student will be given an AR balloon to be put on the AR bulletin board in the classroom.

8) Students may read books at the predetermined level to earn points for advancing in levels.

9) Books for tests may be read to the child, with the child, or read independently.

10) Gold, silver and bronze levels will be awarded at the end of the year to all students reaching that particular level within their ability.

11) STAR assessment results should remain as confidential as possible in order to maintain student privacy.