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Northland Christian. A school for the life of your child.

Northland Christian School, a co-educational, college-preparatory school, was founded in 1974. Northland currently enrolls more than 500 students in preschool through 12th grade. It is the focus of Northland Christian School that all students receive a quality academic education encapsulated in a thorough knowledge of our Biblical heritage. 


Northland Christian Preschool is a coeducational day program for students aged 18 months - 4 years old. Northland Christian Preschool is committed to providing a Christ-centered environment that creates an educational experience of challenges, security, growth, and fulfillment. Our principle goal is to work with the family and church to build a firm foundation for further development through educational excellence and Biblical values. The school is dedicated to the development of Christian leaders for our families, churches, community, country, and world. 


Northland Christian's Elementary School provides children with a foundation for further education, for democratic citizenship, and eventual entry into responsible adulthood. As a Christian school, Northland believes that we must also build a firm foundation in the spiritual area. Northland Christian Elementary has a full curriculum for students In grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

Middle School

In Middle School students are given the opportunity to accept increasing amounts of responsibility. Our faculty and staff provide a nurturing environment while still challenging 6-8th graders to become organized, independent, cooperative and successful students both in and out of the classroom. The link between home and school is very strong and Northland is dedicated to help provide parents with tools needed to help students be the best they can be! Chapel and Bible classes provide spiritual and emotional growth and are an important part of each student's educational process.

High School

Believing that Christianity promotes the highest ideals, develops the strongest character, and holds the greatest promise of any way of life, Northland Christian High School centers its entire program on Biblical principles. Academic reports are given four times a semester in order to assure communication between parents and teachers and to encourage progress for each student. High School students are challenged by a program that stresses critical thinking skills and problem solving. Faculty and staff strive to meet student needs during these critical years through Bible classes and chapel programs.

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