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Secondary FAQs

  • How do I contact Student Services directly?
    Rene Mouton can be reached at 281-587-6433. If there is no answer, please leave her a voicemail and she will return your call.
  • How can I schedule an appointment with the Principal or Assistant Principal? 
    Contact Rene Mouton at 281-587-6433. If there is no answer, please leave her a voicemail and she will return your call.
  • How can I schedule an appointment with a teacher?
    The best way to meet with a teacher or discuss any concerns is to email that teacher directly. Please consult the appropriate faculty list linked below. They will get back with you at their earliest convenience.
      -  Middle School faculty
     -  High School faculty
  • How can I schedule an appointment with the School Counselor?
    Please contact that counselor directly.
      -  Dedra Arthur, MS Academic Counselor and ES/MS Guidance Counselor
      -  Willie Franklyn, High School Counselor, HS Academic & College Advisor
         / Registrar & Dual Credit Coordinator
  • How can I contact my student?
  • Please call Student Services at 281-587-6433 and we will have your student return your call during passing periods or send them an email.

  • Can’t I just call or text my student on their cell phone?
    Middle School students are NOT allowed to use their cell phones during school hours. This includes lunch and passing periods. If they are using their cell phone it will be taken up and given to Student Services. They can retrieve it at the end of the day for $10 cash.

    High School students are allowed to use their phones during passing periods and lunch. However, if they have their phone out during class time or chapel, it will be taken up and given to Student Services and may be retrieved at the end of the day for $10 cash.
  • What if my student is late to school?
    All secondary students must check in with Student Services in Building 1 to obtain a pass to class. Teachers will not accept a late student into class without a pass from the office. 
  • What if my student is running a fever or is sick and can’t attend school?
    We want your student to get well and we want to keep the rest of the student body well too! Please keep your student home if they are running a fever higher than 99 degrees or you feel they are too sick to attend school. Please contact the Student Services office by email to let them know your student will be out for the day at
  • What is needed if my student misses school to see a doctor?
    Bring in a doctor's note. This will be kept in their school file in the event of any absence questions in the future. This will also allow the absence to be marked as excused.
  • What is the difference between an excused/unexcused absence?
    An excused absence, which is marked only with a doctor's note or note from the parent, allows the student to make-up work that is missed while he was absent. If it is an unexcused absence, the student will not be able to make up the work. Absences will be marked unexcused until a note is received, at which time it will be changed to excused. Notes must be turned in within 3 school days.
  • How many absences are allowed per semester?
    A student cannot miss more than 8 days of the class time to receive credit for the class. Both excused and unexcused absences count toward this total. School related absences do not count toward this total.
  • What if my student becomes sick while at school?
    If your student begins to feel ill during the day, please have them come to Student Services. A call will be placed to you to see if you would like for them to go home. We can give some OTC medications with parent’s approval. If they are running a temperature higher than 99 degrees, they will need to go home. 
  • Can I leave medicine at school?
    Yes, medicine can be left in Student Services if it is in the original container. This includes prescription drugs and OTC medicine. There is a form that must be filled out allowing the school to administer the medications. If medication is brought in, it will be labeled for your student and can be given without a phone call home.
  • My student takes time sensitive medicine; can they be called out of class for that?
    Time sensitive medicine can be given following the procedure above. Students are asked to take the medicine during passing periods. If the student forgets, we will call into the class so that we may administer the medication as close to the time as possible.
  • What are my options if I cannot pick up my student by 4:00 p.m.?
    Northland offers extended care from 4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. daily at the Secondary Campus. For your convenience, your FACTS/Renweb account will be billed the daily rate of $15. Location varies, please see activities calendar.
  • Where and when do I drop off/pick-up my student for school?
    Parents must use the carpool line, which is located in the gated entrance closest to Building 2 for Elementary and Building 1 for Secondary. Students not involved with before school athletics may NOT be dropped off before 7:00 a.m. and must be picked up by 4:00 p.m. High school and Middle school students remaining on campus (not with a teacher) will be put into extended care and your Renweb account will be billed the daily rate of $15. 

    For the safety of our students, do NOT drop-off or pick-up students from school outside of the gated area. Absolutely NO drop-off or pick-up on Sylvanfield. The Student parking lot is also not to be used as a drop-off/pick-up area, unless they are arriving late.
  • Can I bring my student lunch?
    You are allowed to bring your student lunch. Check in with guard at Building 1 gate. Park in the visitors spot near Building 1. There is a table called “Drop-Off Island,” you can leave their lunch there and the student will know where to grab it on their way to lunch. Your student will not be called from class to get their lunch.
  • Can I order a lunch to be delivered there?
  • Can my friends come visit me at school or during lunch?
    No. Only parents, guardians and alumni may visit the campus once they have signed in at Building 1.
  • My student won’t get their driver's license until during the school year, can they still get a spot?
    Parking spots are initially assigned during the summer with a valid driver’s license. Any student obtaining their license during the school year will have to come to Student Services with their license and an available spot will be assigned to them in the Student Parking Lot. There is no guarantee that spots will be available as the year progresses.
  • What is the dress code?
    Monday-Thursday students must wear Northland uniform purchased from Sue Mills with the NC emblem. On Fridays, students may wear a Northland spirit shirt with blue jeans or uniform shorts. P.E. shorts can only be worn during PE and athletic periods.
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