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Alumni Success Story

Mr. Byron Ellis is a 1984 graduate of Northland Christian School. Now a talented and driven business professional, Mr. Ellis is a principal with Ellis & Ellis, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. In addition, to his business success is the legacy of his past linked to his outstanding future. Not only did he graduate from Northland and go on to create a successful business, but he served (as did his father before him) as a Trustee on the Northland Christian School Board from 1996 to 2001. His father is Mr. Barry Ellis, served the board faithfully from 1978-1990. 

How did Byron’s school career at Northland begin? During the summer between third and fourth grade, having just completed his last year in a public school, Byron was asked “Why are you going to go to Northland next school year?” His answer came easily and without hesitation, “Public school is only allowed one field trip per year and at Northland they take field trips all the time!” Northland did more for Byron than provide a series of field trips. While at Northland, Byron made the leap from the faith of his parents’ to owning faith in the Lord for himself. “It was not really mine before Northland. I was just doing spiritually what I thought was expected of me. My years at Northland helped build the foundation that I needed to make my faith my own.” His favorite scripture is Phillipians 4:13. “So that the bonds in Christ are manifest in all the palace, and in all other places.“

In addition to building his faith, Byron built his skills on the basketball court as an athlete. He was a member of the 1988 Cougar Basketball team that went to the State Championship Playoffs. He loved all sports at Northland and was well-known as a great athlete.

Byron is now a successful financial planner with his own company. Headquartered in the Woodlands, Byron’s expertise is to help individuals manage their wealth. He is concerned that everyone plan ahead, not only for their own future retirement, but to leave a legacy that counts for eternity. “By planning for good wealth management, individuals can benefit their own children and others.” he explains. “Many individuals do not realize they can also benefit organizations, schools and ministries as well. Long-term financial planning benefits everyone - except . . . Uncle Sam,” he teases. On the serious side, Byron does have great advice to offer those who want to leave a legacy behind when they have gone on to heavenly rewards. He wants to be counted in that number.  

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