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Supplies needed for Spiritual Renewal Day

Please help us prepare for Spiritual Renewal Day with supplies for service projects. Spiritual Renewal Day 2020 is Tuesday, March 3rd. Collection dates Monday Feb. 24th - Friday Feb. 28th.

Attention MS/HS Students

  • The spiritual life leaders would like for each secondary student to consider donating 2 or 3 of the items listed below, all of which can be found at a dollar store or other discount store.
  • Please bring items this week by Friday to get the Bible class reward.
  • Please give donated items to Bible teachers.
  • Every Bible class that has 100% participation will receive a special treat!!
  • Help your class and others during kindness week.


Tissues, Deodorant, Toilet paper, Batteries AA or C, Wet wipes (travel size), Tide (small travel size), Dishwasher soap (travel size), Female Hygiene products (tampons or pads)

Attention Elementary Students

  • Elementary will be collecting donations to send to US troops.
  • The items will be assembled into care packages during Spiritual Renewal Day 
  • The ES class bringing the most items will win a snow cone celebration!
  • Items will be collected and counted daily. Thank you for your support!


Protein bars without chocolate, single serve instant coffee packets, decks of cards or card game - Uno, etc., single serving flavor packets, such as Crystal Light, etc., 5"x7" puzzle books such as sudoku, crossword, word find, etc., boxes of single serving snacks like nuts and trail mix (no chocolate).

Please direct questions to Heather Harmann via email

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