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Northland artists compete in regional VASE competition

On Saturday, Mr. Rogers took seven art students to Klein Collins for the regional VASE art competition. There were a total of 1813 total student entries at this event and Northland held 11 of those slots. After working tirelessly for months, all that hard work paid off.

The judging process for VASE is unique. Jurors have a 1-on-1 interview with each student asking them various questions about their work. This is a really great opportunity for each student to be able to speak about their artwork intelligently with other professionals.

All students were then given a rating of 1-4 (lowest to highest). Of the 4 ratings, 10% advanced to the state level.

Below were the results of the day:

  • Angel Chen scored two 4s and a state VASE advancement.
  • Billy Eaton scored a 4 on his single piece. 
  • Doris Fan scored two 4s. 
  • Lydia Fan scored two 4s. 
  • Sherry Lu scored two 4s. 
  • Tatiana Worontsoff scored a 4 on her single piece. 
  • Ariel Xu scored one 3 on her single piece. 

Big congratulations to all these art kids!