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Northland 4th graders create a rainforest full of animals!

November 2019: Northland fourth graders have been researching rainforest animals for the past month in the science lab with Mrs. Owens. In this project, they have developed their research skills as well as bibliography formatting skills while they discovered new information about an interesting rainforest animal. The unit culmination was a Rainforest Feast with numerous new foods to taste and the introduction of their animals into the classroom rainforest. After Thanksgiving, they will go and visit the Rainforest Pyramid at Moody Gardens and see if they can locate any of the researched animals.

Each student showed such creativity and thoughtful engineering of their animals as they built their individual animal with craft materials, brought it to school and reported to their classmates about their unique animal. The creativity was flowing and each animal was as unique as each student in the Northland elementary lab!

Please click here for Mrs. Moores' individual student/rainforest photos

Mrs. Moores' 4th grade class

Please click here for Mrs. Petro's individual student/rainforest photos

Mrs. Petro's 4th grade class

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