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Capital Campaign

Dear Northland Parents,

Moving the elementary school onto our own property is crucial for the future of the school, and we believe that teachers and students will experience a significant benefit from the unity, collaboration, and security afforded by a single campus.

It took us nearly 9 months to close on the purchase of the property immediately adjacent to the junior high/high school campus and another 5 months to end tenant leases and complete architectural and engineering plans for the new building. We are now in the permitting stage and will begin demolition in December.

Taking the next steps will require renovation to proceed within a narrow window. This process involves moving the Administrative offices to the new building and renovating Building 1, moving everyone out of Building 7 and transforming the building into our new elementary, and moving Preschool – 5th grade to Building 7. We will also be installing new playgrounds, making improvements to security, replacing old air conditioning units and lights, and executing several other campus improvements.

Raising the Funds

Our goal is to have everything accomplished in the next 9 months, and we are asking for your help to get there.

The Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board of Directors have stepped up with commitments in cash and pledges (over $1,000,000 in total)—more than half of what is needed to complete all of the capital projects. I am grateful for their generosity and leadership during this important time at Northland.

We have now started the next phase of securing the remaining cash and multi-year pledges, and this phase hopefully includes you. We will be in a race to secure this funding and to build and renovate everything for a successful move before school starts in August 2019. It is an ambitious plan, but, after much prayer and deliberation, we know it’s the right plan.

Help us accomplish this important plan so that we can complete all the renovations and improvements and still hit our August deadline. We need an additional $950,000 to make it all happen. I know it sounds like a sizeable hill to climb, but I also know that we can do it. Northland families have a history of coming together at key moments to accomplish great things, and I believe this project is no exception.

I am asking everyone to start prayerfully considering a gift to the capital campaign. Each commitment helps take a slice out of the project—for example, six families committing to $5,000 each would buy all new LED lighting for the elementary building. Please consider the role that you and your family can play in this important step forward for the school that will benefit every studen