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We highly recommend that all international students start in the fall, because most students do better if they begin their academic year at Northland. However, we recognize that this is an unusual time for travel, and we will consider applications from students mid-semester or at the start of the spring semester, depending on enrollment capacity and the student’s ability to transition into life at Northland.

We do accept academically qualified international students into 11th and 12th grade, although those spots are highly limited. We recommend that international students who are considering enrolling at Northland start the process in 8th or 9th grade, which allows them the opportunity to benefit from a full Northland high school education and prepare well for college/university.

We encourage you to contact Elizabeth Chavez in our International Program to assess your English language ability before completing the application process. Northland has support programs for international students, including ESL classes and tutoring, but an adequate understanding of the English language is essential to your academic success at Northland.

The interview process involves an initial conversation with someone from our International Program to get to know you better and understand your academic experience and goals. You may also have a conversation with our Middle School/High School principal to assess your knowledge and understanding. It also gives you and your family the chance to ask questions about life at Northland.

Yes, you must submit all your academic records in English with the credits converted appropriately. If you have questions about this process, please contact Elizabeth Chavez at

Each year, we generally have between 35-45 international students attending Northland.

Most of our international students come from China and Vietnam, but we have also had students from France, Russia, Mexico, Canada, and Nigeria.

Please see our international student application process by clicking here.

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