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Tuition & Fees

International Tuition & Fees

We are so glad that you are considering Northland Christian School. Below is our International Student Tuition & Fee Breakdown for the 2023-24 school year.

Application/Testing Fee: $500 per student, due with application, non-refundable (this includes the SEVIS I-901 fee)


Day Student: $32,000

Boarding/Homestay Student**: $44,000

* 2% processing fee incurred for all payment plans; paying by credit card or wire transfer may incur additional fees
**In addition to Day Student tuition + fees, the Boarding/Homestay fee includes a private room, breakfast/dinner on school days and breakfast/lunch/dinner on weekends during each school session (Fall Session is August-December; Spring Session is January-May). Boarding is not provided during Christmas break (between Fall and Spring Sessions) but may be arranged for an additional cost.

What else is included with tuition:

  • Student health insurance
  • Daily on-campus lunch
  • A new Macbook required for all Northland students (for initial applicants only)
  • Mandatory enrollment fee or annual re-enrollment fee (for returning students)
  • Counseling services and academic advising
  • International Academic Center resources and access to academic support
  • Online textbooks
  • Transportation to/from the airport (homestay/boarding students ONLY – flights are not included)
  • One Northland spirit shirt (initial applicants only)

What is not included with tuition:

  • Uniforms*
  • Student activity fees and class t-shirts**
  • Medical fees not covered by insurance
  • Cell phone, SIM card, or phone plan (having a working cell phone is a requirement of all homestay/boarding students)
  • Class trips
  • Flights
  • Additional items or activities such as student class photo packages or senior photos, yearbooks, prom or homecoming dance tickets, off-campus meals

If your student incurs additional school charges for activities or classes, these will be added to their student FACTS account. You will receive an invoice at least once a semester with additional charges.


Please note that uniforms are required to be worn by all students Monday-Thursday at Northland. On Fridays, students may wear jeans and Northland shirts. Students will receive one Northland shirt with their enrollment package. Uniforms must be ordered separately in advance through Northland’s approved vendor, so that students are ready for the first day of school, or you may choose to add a uniform stipend to your tuition payment, and Northland will order uniforms for your student to pick up when they arrive.

Boys’ uniform stipend: $200, includes one short-sleeved polo shirt, one long-sleeved polo shirt, one pair of shorts, one pair of pants, and one hoodie (only Northland jackets and hoodies may be worn on campus during cold weather)

Girls’ uniform stipend: $225, includes one short-sleeved polo shirt, one long-sleeved polo shirt, two skirts, and one hoodie.

Additional items may be purchased after the student arrives at Northland.

**You may also choose to add an additional class activity fee and class t-shirt stipend to cover your students’ activities for the year:
$350 – 2 sports or extracurricular activities and class t-shirt
$500 – 3 sports or extracurricular activities and class t-shirt

Payment Deadlines:

For Fall 2023 enrollment, tuition is due by July 1
For Spring 2024 enrollment, tuition is due by December 1

Payment Methods:
Payments can be made by direct wire transfer or by international credit card through Northland’s Flywire account. Any external processing fees incurred are the responsibility of the applicant.

Payment Plans:
If you are unable to pay tuition up front, please talk to the International Program Director about a scheduled payment plan. Please note that payment plans generally incur an additional 2% processing fee.

Refund Schedule: 

Students who withdraw within the first two weeks (10 school days) of classes will receive a refund of 50% of the total tuition & fees and a refund of the activity/extracurriculars stipend if paid. No uniform stipend will be given, as uniforms are purchased in advance.

Students who withdraw after 10 days of classes will not receive a refund for the year’s tuition.

There will be no refunds for students who are dismissed for disciplinary reasons.

Please note that tuition, fees, and extra charges in FACTS must be paid in full before a student is permitted to re-enroll for the following year. Northland reserves the right to refuse to issue a transcript or diploma to a student whose tuition has not been paid or who has outstanding charges in FACTS.

Tuition assistance is available on a limited basis, subject to application and review. Initial application fees are non-refundable. Payment plans are available but must be approved and confirmed by the International Program Director. Students who will get credit for an entire academic year will pay the full year’s tuition, even if they arrive after the session start date because of visa or travel delays; second-semester students will pay a tuition amount that is prorated by half (with the exception of Macbook/iPad costs, which they must pay in full).

If you have a question about the tuition or would like to talk to someone about a payment plan or tuition assistance, contact Elizabeth Chavez, the International Program Director, at

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