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Thank You To All Our Donors

A special thanks to the families who have donated to the 2022 Cougar Fund:

The McCathran Family
The Alfano Family
Marian and Maggie Mann
The Darr Family
Rene Mouton
Lisa Makarenko Giles
Carolyn Lemm
Christi Domingue
Erin Teshara
Julie Huff
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Driskill
Matt and Shyanne Meekins
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Congdon
The Frank Family
The McCauleys
Global Summit Solutions LLC
The Pugh Family
Sherrie & Jim Webb
Kyle Rogers
The Loustalot’s
Roger & Kim Elswick
The Greco Family
DeAnna Meekins
Erik and Kelli Diers
The Hearn Family
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fischer
Eric and Gretchen Wietstruck
Karen Jones
Hilary Constantine
Chris and Kalai McHan
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Owens
Thomas and Pam Lincoln
Bill Lakin
Donell Manitz
Brian and Debra Laprarie
Pablo and Cara Canovas
Michael S. Boze
The Butler Family
David and Kristin Leard
The McCorkle Family
Ramirez-Davila Family
Family Calle
Kelley Wendt
Ms. Jaclyn Herrera
Cooper & Paige Schoolcraft
Glass Family
Carolyn Jurick
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Malm
Nathan and Liz Shives
Courtney Coffman
Melissa Flowers
Bohannon Family
The Vazquez Family
Jeff and Sherry Ingram
Cecil Davis
Cliff and Dena Kraner
Dalia Garza
Tina Gentry
Mike Wheless
Buchanan Family
Brittany& Adam Clark
David and Tamara Nelson
Travis Hardwick
THINK Neurology For Kids (Varghese/Marchesano Family)
Mr. and Mrs. Levi McCaskill
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Walther ’03
Donna and Greg Lawrence
The Gingrich Family
Mike and Kara Beatty
The Stivers Family
Gilbert & Julie Garza
The Torres Family
The Philip-Crockett Family
The Pena Family
Tonya Sanders
The Dollak and Scamp Family
Ken and Donna Mosley
Vassigh Family
Robert Patrick and Kim White
Reyes Lazcano Family
Emily and Gil Gonzalez
The Ramirez Family
The Kettle Family
Mathew and Leigh Blossom
The Freemans
The Donaho Family
The Edmonds Family
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Smith
Laura Henderson
Cathy Yerian
Kelly & Major Peterson
Shields Family
Elisabeth Meaney
The Walter Family
Stephen and Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Wolford
Ms. Tamika Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Ciampichini
Stewart and Kelly Lewis
The Hunter Martin Family
The Langley Trio
The Allen Family
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Walker
The Gutierrez Family
The O’Kelley Family
The Godsy Family
The McZeal Family
The Jones Family
The Earl Family
Durdin Family
Brent & Shelly Longnecker
Baldemar & Liz Chavez
Eric and Camie Lewis
The Valdez Family
Vanessa and Jack Moores
Monique Pinckney
Mike and Keena Pace
The Banos Family
The Auto Expo
Megan & Spencer Peoples
Levy Scott
Cyndi Griffin
Robert & Amy Owens
The Lopez Family
The Medrano Family
Mari Yan
Heather, Bailey & Emma Sesters
The Bryant Family
The Downey Family
Andrew and Darla Gregory
Emerick Family
Jesse and Betty Acosta
Carlos Jimenez and Family
Mr. and Mrs. David Gibbons
Jennifer Scott-Thompson
Tosh Family
Phil & Angela Forbes
The Struble Family
Mark and Beth Harrison
Chris and Tonja Norwood
The Napier Family- Applied Home Health
Lamark Thompson
Akindele-Alo Family
The Grice Family
Sayeda Barro
Brenda Scott
The Ortega Family
Trenessa Butler-Johnson
Sherri Jones
The Andrews Family
Scott Family
The Campbell Family
LaSheria Nance-Bush
Rosalyn Martin
Sapio Family
Drew & Michele Scahill
McCarley Family
Moreno Family

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