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Spiritual Life - Secondary

We are spiritual beings and, as such, we seek to honor God in all that we do (Col. 3:23). Spiritual life is not just something we do here at NCS - it is who we are (John 10:10). This thread runs throughout our campus on a daily basis. It may occur as a teacher leads prayer in class, as students join together off-campus for weekly Bible studies, or on the Athletic fields as we seek to honor God with our abilities and character. One of the many ways we provide for spiritual growth is to set aside some specific time each week for corporate worship and study.

Weekly Chapel Programs

NCS Chapel is held every Thursday and is a time where we bring in local pastors, teachers, musicians, or artists to address Biblical content in a way that challenges and speaks to students. Whether it is on a praise team, sharing in chapel, serving in a support position, or participating in class chapels, we encourage students to step up and own their faith throughout various opportunities in chapel. At various times throughout the year we also have special family chapels but parents are always welcome to attend and experience chapel at NCS.
Previous speakers include:

Spiritual Life Groups

Each student on campus is paired up with a Spiritual Life Group Leader and meets once a month for an intentional focus on community and Christian study. Upperclassmen have the opportunity to be involved by applying to become Spiritual Life Group Leaders for middle school students.  

Service Projects

In addition to the student’s individual community service, there are several school-wide service opportunities that students may choose to participate.
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