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Chapel video-discussions "Amplify"

From Jeff Rogers

Spiritual Life Director

Throughout the year, we will be introducing a video-discussion known as “Amplify” each week after Secondary chapel. During this time, I will be interviewing students to discuss the Chapel message and how they feel God spoke to them through the Scriptures and action items given. Thanks to the students who participate in these videos and a special thank you to our student producer, Michaela Roush. 

Parents! We will also provide two questions per week that you can use at home to dialogue and discuss with your student what they heard and learned during our Chapel and Life Group worship gatherings. This will help us partner with you to reiterate what God is doing through the lives of our students and community this year at Northland Christian.

Please note: videos are added with most current showing first.

Amplify #3


Over the last two weeks I have been talking about Jesus’ habit of praying in chapel and as part of our “See You At The Pole 2017” event last week. The primary objectives of the messages, as we challenge students to prioritize this necessary spiritual discipline, have been:

  1. WHAT: Prayer is a vital habit of the Christian walk and is really just having a conversation with God.
  2. WHY: Recognizing the importance of prayer can help our students grow in their relationship with Jesus.
  3. HOW: Students have explored why Jesus prayed and considered what it takes to make this healthy, essential habit part of their lives, too.

Jesus prayed—talked to God—about lots of things. Jesus prayed by himself. He prayed publicly. And through Jesus’ example we studied in Luke 22:39-45, we see that prayer is just talking to God about life. Jesus prayed so he wouldn’t fall into temptation. Jesus prayed because he was facing difficulties. Jesus prayed to receive help. Exploring why Jesus prayed will help us all to see how we can follow Jesus’ example and make prayer a habit in our lives, too.

This week, talk with your student about this lesson and share what prayer has meant in your own life. Consider starting with these questions:

  • When do you pray? Are there better times than others?
  • What do you pray about?
  • How have you seen Jesus answering your prayers?

Thank you for supporting your student, investing into their spiritual life, and continuing the discussion on prayer. 

Amplify #2

This week in chapel we followed up from last weeks chapel post-Hurricane Harvey on how God calls us into community through intentional relationships, with a message answering the question, “What Do Godly Friendships Look Like”? To begin, we discussed there are three types of Godly friendships: Mentor, Mentee, and Mutual. Then, I introduced “5 Traits of True Christian Friendships”. These were:

  1. Loves Sacrificially (John 15:13)
  2. Accepts Unconditionally (Proverbs 17:17)
  3. Trusts Completely (Proverbs 18:24)
  4. Keeps Healthy Boundaries (1 Corinthians 13:4)
  5. Gives Mutual Guidance (Proverbs 27:6)

To conclude, I reminded our students as we draw closer together as a Northland Community, no relationship can fulfill us 100%. While true Christ-centered relationships are rare treasures, only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can fill every need in our lives.


  1. Ask your student what kind of friend they think they are? What kind of friendships do they think they have? Who are they being spiritually mentored by? Who are they spiritually investing in?

  2. Challenge them to think of someone who they can reach out to this school year to provide a godly and authentic mutual friendship with.  

During our first two days of Elementary and Secondary school, we had chapels to introduce and examine the theme for this school year that comes from Ephesians 2:10: “We are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Amplify #1

During Secondary chapel, we discussed two important elements of this verse. We reminded students that as God’s masterpiece, His handiwork, WE HAVE VALUE. God created each one of us uniquely, Jesus died for all of us, and that as followers of Christ we have the Spirit alive in us.  

The second point made was as followers of Christ WE ARE NEEDED. No one is insignificant in the eyes of the Lord. He created each one of us to make a contribution with our lives. Every role we have is important in the eyes of our Creator God.


  1. Ask your student how they feel valued and where they add value according to the gifts/talents God has given them.
  2. Discuss with your student where they think God needs them at home, at school, in their extracurricular activities, and in their community. Be specific in asking them to identify their roles in these places.  
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