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PS school code: 440
ES/MS/HS code: 1060 

The Healthy Lunch Box
Tobie Briner
614 Greens Road
Houston, TX 77067
Office: (281) 444-8444
Cell: (832) 372-8300
Fax: (281) 444-8462

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Frequently Asked Questions

To Cancel a Lunch  

To receive a credit toward future meal, you must cancel your meal online by midnight the preceding night.  Same day credits are not allowed as meal is already in production.  


You may cancel a future order online and save the credit to use on future purchases.

Emergency Lunch

If your child forgot their lunch and you realize it, please call us by 9am and place an emergency lunch order over the telephone ($1 charge for orders received after midnight the night before). If you forgot to order lunch and forgot to call us – DON’T WORRY – we will provide emergency lunches for a few students each day, because we understand emergencies truly arise. Your student must fill out a slip on the service line and we will bill the parent.  These emergency meals cost $1.00 extra for special handling. If you have an account with The Healthy Lunch Box, we will place this charge on your order to be paid with your next order. If you do not have an account, we will send you an emergency meal invoice. If a child has 2 unpaid emergency meal invoices, no more emergency meals will be allowed until payment is received.

Emergency Meals

Emergency meals may be offered for $1.00 extra charge on the day of service. Emergency Meal Charges will be added to your next order.

No Credit Card

If you prefer to pay by check/money order, you can mail in an order and menu selections to us at The Healthy Lunch Box, 614 W. Greens Rd., Houston, TX  77067.  It is imperative to include your SCHOOL NAME, STUDENT NAME AND GRADE, and your contact phone on check.

Emergency School Closing

If your school notifies The Healthy Lunch Box of an emergency closing before the school day begins, we will automatically credit your account.

Contact Us

If you need assistance with your online ordering system, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may reach us at 281-444-8444 or by email at In the event of a food emergency, our Operations Manager is Tobie Briner and her cell phone, accessible from 6am to 3pm M-F, is 832-372-8300. If you leave a message, be sure to include your school name/student name and grade, and a call back number.

Thank you for your interest and your trust! We are very excited to be a happy part of your child’s day!!


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