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Community Service

Service Hours are required to enhance social and academic learning while developing character and citizenship skills

  • High School Requirement .............20 hours per year of attendance at Northland
  • High School Service Award ..........100 hours in one year
Service Hour forms are available online. Service Hours are entered twice yearly -- at the end of the fall semester and at the end of the spring semester. Service hours are due December 13 (for the fall semester) and March 27 (for the spring semester) - NO EXCEPTIONS.
The service hour year runs from May 1 - March 31 each year. Any hours earned after March 31st will be credited to the following year.
Please verify that your organization is on the Northland Approved Service list prior to serving hours. Hours not approved by Northland will not be entered nor credited toward service hour requirement. Service hours should be limited to the actual hours serving, not travel and sleeping hours. All service hours are unpaid hours.
NOTE: Only 10 hours of the school-sponsored school-approved yearly requirement may be completed on campus.
These numbers are benchmarks only. Upon graduation from middle school or high school, the entire number of hours will be required (per number of years in attendance at Northland).
If you are working toward the High School Service Award, which is 100+ service hours in one school year, forms are due by March 27.
*Some secular colleges and universities will only recognize secular service hours.
Note: Please maintain copies of your service hour forms. Northland does not permanently store this documentation.