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High School Debate

HS Debate and Public Speaking I&II

9th-10th grades ~ full year
As a student in this class, you become a member of the nationally recognized Northland Christian School Debate Team. This class is intended to provide classroom focus for learning speech and debate skills for students that are in their first year on the debate team. The course focuses exclusively on debate and public speaking events such as Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, Oratory, Impromptu Speaking and Student Congress. This class is designed to foster critical thinking and argumentative abilities which are crucial to success in college and beyond. Students will be introduced to various reasoning devices, research skills, organizational skills, and critical verbal persuasive skills. Through public speaking practice in the classroom and in competition, students will develop the communication skills that they will utilize in academic, social, and workplace settings. The Debate and Public Speaking curriculum is designed to balance lecture with skills development in a practical, fun environment. As a member of the debate team you will compete against both public and private schools locally, throughout Texas, and at national tournaments in other states. Students are required to attend five tournaments during the school year. Class size is limited.

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