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The Northland Difference

Character and Leadership

At Northland Christian School, we approach teaching the habits of character and the skills of leadership with the same intentionality we apply to teaching the academic disciplines. 

Our aim is to instill in our students the essential concepts, virtues, and skills that will help them thrive both as students at Northland and beyond. When they graduate from Northland, they are equipped to go on to be leaders in their communities and the world—men and women of character who are rooted in integrity. 

Scholarship and Learning

While a Northland curriculum is academically challenging, and we want to ensure our students are effectively prepared to succeed in college, our focus goes beyond college-prep. We want our students to learn true scholarship and to become lifelong learners.

Learning is about more than studying to pass tests. It is about acquiring a depth of understanding to be able to make informed, wise decisions. It is about discipline and growth. The scholarship skills established at Northland will serve our students for the rest of their lives.

Courage and Honor

Honor, to many, seems like an awkward, unfashionable, even antiquated concept. It is a concept that has been missing from our cultural climate, broadly and in education, for some time. At Northland, we want to develop in our students a focus on moral clarity—simply, the ability to discern right from wrong.

Knowing that this is a process, we enable our students to put these ideas into practice throughout their time at Northland. They are challenged not just to believe in a code of honor but to have the courage to act on it.

Purpose and Impact

We believe that all of creation finds its meaning and purpose in and through God. A Northland education is rooted in the belief that all knowledge and understanding can only be found in a worldview with God at the center—faith, learning, leading and living are all intertwined here at Northland Christian.

Since words alone don’t make an impact, we promote action, encouraging students to find issues about which they are passionate and find meaningful ways to get involved, even at an early age. Living for what matters most changes everything.