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Northland Academic Center

Our mission at Northland is for students to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially for the glory of God. In an effort to grow students intellectually, we developed the Northland Academic Center (NAC) in 2013 for high school students. The NAC provides academic services such as tutoring, enrichment, and remediation. The NAC also helps prepare students for college-level exams. For those students who want help getting organized, teachers in the NAC show them how to take responsibility for their own learning. The Academic Center is a place where students can come to collaborate with classmates.  

The Academic Center is open before school, throughout the day, and after school and is located in Building 1. Coffee, hot chocolate and tea are available for students to purchase in the NAC; students can also find a printer to use. 

The NAC is also responsible for the alternative seating and fidgets offered in different classrooms. Students in select classrooms can now choose to sit on balance balls, utilize ‘fidgets’ (sensory objects to be held during class activities), and move their feet at their desk with a bouncy band. Teachers are enjoying having these choices for students in classrooms and are experiencing more focused, engaged learners and the students are loving the alternative seating choices! The NAC is glad to be able to loan these items to teachers.