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6th Grade Choir
1 or 2 semesters
Students in the 6th Grade Choir will learn the basics of rehearsal technique, vocal technique, performance etiquette and audience etiquette. They will evaluate choir performances as well as solo performances at different times of the year.

They will have the opportunity to attend a few social events, and will go on a Goodwill Tour with the Bel Canto. In the spring, they have the option to prepare a solo or participate in an ensemble for the TPSMEA Solo & Ensemble contest. In May, they will perform a few selections at a local choir festival, and then end the year with a performance in the Fine Arts Extravaganza.


Bel Canto (7th & 8th Grade)
Full year
The Bel Canto choir is the intermediate secondary choir. With the majority of the students having been a member of the 6th Grade Choir (although this is not a prerequisite, and entering 7th or 8th grade students will have the opportunity to learn at the same level), the choir as a whole is able to take their learning and competing to the next level. Standards of music reading, rehearsing and performance increase, as students gain more understanding and experience in performing through singing. Students participate in several concerts throughout the year, same as the 6th Grade Choir, and are always encouraged to participate in the extra contests (Solo & Ensemble), as well as various social events throughout the year.