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Application Process

A student is considered an international student if an I-20 is required for residency and if the student will require housing with an approved Northland Christian Family or in the on-campus residence hall during the school year.

To make sure that Northland is the right fit for your student, there are several steps to the admissions process. Families are required to complete all of the steps outlined below before they can be approved for admission.

We would be happy to offer a tour to any prospective international student and family. Please contact the International Program office to talk to schedule an opportunity to tour our campus.

Dear Prospective Northland International Family,

Thank you for taking the time to apply to Northland! Here’s what we will need from you:

First, schedule a Skype or WeChat interview with our International Program. (This interview should be scheduled before continuing to the rest of the steps).
After a successful interview, scan or photograph the following items and email them to
  1. Financial Declaration: All international applicants are asked to submit a financial declaration from their bank, verifying that they have funds available. Typically for our boarding students, it is best if the amount in the account exceeds US$40,000.
  2. Passport: A copy of the student's passport must be scanned along with the application.
  3. Official Transcript: We will need an official transcript of the last several years' grades, (from 7th grade and above) translated into English, along with CLASS RANK (example: 25/100 means the student ranks 25th out of 100 students in his/her class).
Then, create an account and submit an application. To do so, click here:

 Apply now button
Once your application is submitted, you will receive an invoice from our Business Office to pay a non-refundable $500 application fee. This fee must be paid before we can issue an I-20.
After you have submitted items 1-3, completed the online application, and paid the $500 application fee, we can typically make an official acceptance offer within 72 hours, and an I-20 can be issued within two weeks.