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Academic Recognition

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society recognizes outstanding sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have demonstrated the traits of scholarship, leadership, character, service, and citizenship. 

  • Earn and maintain a grade average of 90 or above over the previous three semesters. (All grades except P.E./Athletics will be included in the grade average.); 
  • No 5’s in conduct over the previous three semesters; 
  • No 4’s in conduct during the previous or current semester; 
  • Must have been in attendance at NCS for one (1) full semester; 
  • Teacher recommendation; 
  • Return application by deadline; 
  • Participate in two school, church, or community service activities; 
  • Display positive leadership characteristics and attitudes;
  • No Class ‘A’ or ‘B’ discipline violations; 
  • No F’s in the previous three semesters; 
  • No D’s in the previous two semesters; 
  • Academic Committee approval; 
  • Attend induction ceremony. 
After election, if any of the above qualifications are not evidenced, a member will be placed on probation. One (1) semester will be allowed to correct the deficiency or membership will be terminated. Major discipline violations may result in removal from the National Honor Society. Once terminated, a student may not be reinstated.