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Northland Christian School was established in the spring of 1974. Seeking to create a school in their community that combined excellence in education with a commitment to teaching Biblical principles, a group of dedicated families from Bammel Church of Christ gathered $1,000 of seed money, sought teachers who shared their vision, and found a physical location for the school.

DeAnna and Jim GravesInstrumental in the founding of Northland were DeAnna and Jim Graves, in whose honor our elementary school building is named. DeAnna was Northland’s first Head of School, as well as one of Northland’s first dedicated teachers, among countless other roles. Jim Graves served as a board member for 20 years and supported Northland in those crucial early years.

Northland officially opened in the fall of 1974 with a combined enrollment of 43 students. Now, we have around 520 students annually. With a strong international program of around 40 students each year, and domestic students from more than 60 Houston area zip codes, Northland is small but diverse. Our families have one key thing in common—they believe in Northland’s mission and have chosen to partner with us to raise their children to make an impact.

While Northland has grown from that first group of 43 students, we remain faithful to the initial vision as we serve our young people and raise them to be men and women of purpose.