Admissions » FAQs


When can we apply to Northland?
Northland accepts applications on a rolling basis. Click here to complete an application.
Does it cost anything to complete an application?
Each new student applicant must pay a $225 application/testing fee. This fee is non-refundable and due with the application.
How do we schedule a tour?
Complete our inquiry form or call 281-440-1060 to schedule a visit.
Can my child shadow a current student?
During the school year, we have limited opportunities for potential students to shadow current students. Just complete our inquiry form and mention to our Admissions team that you would like your child to have the opportunity to shadow a student for a day.
My child has a special interest in the arts or athletics - can they speak to faculty from those departments?
Absolutely! You can contact our Upper School Principal (281-587-6471), Lower School Principal (281-587-6484), and Athletics Director (281-440-1060 ext. 6408) directly, or call our Admissions team on 281-440-1060 to get connected with specific faculty from your child’s area of interest.
Do you offer tuition assistance?
Northland has a limited amount of funds available for partial tuition assistance based on financial need. To read more about our tuition assistance and how to apply, please visit this page.

Does Northland accommodate learning challenges?
Northland is a college-preparatory school with extremely high academic standards. Consequently, it can be difficult for students with learning challenges to function well academically at Northland without specialized support, which we are not equipped to provide. Our goal is to ensure that every student who qualifies for admission will be successful, so we may require parents to arrange and fund remediation services to supplement classroom instruction when the need is identified by our professional staff.
Is Northland a secure campus?
Yes, and the safety of our students and faculty/staff is paramount. Among other security features, our campus is surrounded by a fence with gates that are locked during school hours. We have licensed security officers on campus, and visitors must check in first at the security gate and again with the appropriate reception office.