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Students enter high school art to build a foundation and the advanced art classes take the knowledge and skills learned from Art I and II to build a comprehensive portfolio of their own thoughts and expression of feelings. These courses allow the students a hands-on method of capturing a moment through artistic interpretation. Top students will have the opportunity to enter various art competitions such as Scholastic Art, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Competition, Visual Arts Scholastic Event(VASE), and TAPPS.

Art I

Full Year
This primary goal of this class will be to start building a solid foundation in art. This class will be for high school students without much visual arts experience. This class will cover the basics such as the elements and principles of art, proper terminology, observation drawing, etc. Much of the second semester will focus on the human figure.

Art II

Full Year ~ Prerequisite: Art I
The goal of this class will be for students to be able to explore more of their own concepts and ideas. Art II will build upon what was learned during Art I by covering different forms of media such as charcoal, conte crayon, colored pencil, pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, cardboard, printmaking, etc. 

Art III Honors

Full Year ~ Prerequisite: Art II
The goal of this class will be to delve deeper into the concepts and philosophies of art and focus on media of choice to sharpen students ability and knowledge. The purpose of art will also be questioned and the students will read and write on the philosophies of art and what they believe it is and how it fits into their lives. 

Art IV

Full Year ~ Prerequisite: Art III
The goal of this class is to come up with a strong and concentrated portfolio of artwork that is specific to the student’s thoughts and ideas. There will be a high expectation of being self motivated enough to be trusted to work independently. In order to establish accountability, there will be frequent portfolio critiques mixed in with development, and creation time.

AP Art

Full Year ~ Prerequisite: Application required
The student must submit a portfolio and be approved by the teacher. For highly motivated students with ideally two years of high school art. AP Studio Art offers the opportunity to earn college credit. By creating fifteen high quality works of art for their portfolios, students advance in their understanding of their own expression and grow in technical proficiency. There are two sections of an AP portfolio: Sustained Investigation and Selected Works which are scored by the College Board. Students are responsible for the AP exam fee which is determined annually by the College Board.

Digital Art I

Full Year ~ Prerequisite: Art I
This primary goal of this class will be to learn different tools of digital art and use them to create artwork. The two primary programs that will be used are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Art II

Full Year ~ Prerequisite: Digital Art I
Digital Art II gives much more freedom for students to explore digital media of choice. This class will focus on further mastery of what was learned in Digital Art I and are going to be encouraged to learn more software in order to broaden their knowledge of the digital art possibilities.

Digital Photography I

Full Year
Digital Photography I emphasizes visualization and composition skills, as well as the technical aspects of photography. Students practice taking photographs and improving them in Lightroom and Photoshop. Group critiques enable them to think and talk about photography with an eye to improving their own work. Outstanding photographs will be displayed and entered in competitions.

Digital Photography II

Full Year
A continuation and extension of Digital Photography I, Digital Photography II enables students to concentrate on expression and to explore photography concepts in more depth. Digital Photography II explores the advanced techniques of Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Digital Photography III Honors

Full Year
Students in their third year of Digital Photography choose an area of specialization and spend a semester creating a portfolio that demonstrates mastery and growth in that subject or technique. Completion of two different semester-long inquiries prepares students to tackle the Advanced Placement 2D Design Portfolio.

Digital Photography IV Honors

Full Year
The student and teacher work out an individualized program of exploration and discovery in photography. A portfolio of work suitable for application to a university or art school photography program will be completed


Full Year
The goal of this class is for students to learn how apply the principles and elements of art to a 3 dimensional space. This class offers students a different way of thinking about how to create artwork by exploring materials such as but not limited to clay, stone, plastic, cardboard, and tape. Sculpture will give students with an aversion to 2 dimensional art classes another option for a visual arts class in high school. This class is not to build a consistent body of work, but to build a knowledge of how to use the materials so that in the future, a body of work may develop.